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Research at the intersection of life sciences, data science and technology driven by one mission: Building solutions that enable humanity to live a longer and healthier life.

Digital Medical products by evocal health

At EVOCAL Health we develop a new class of digital medical devices: digital diagnostics and digital therapeutics. Based on profound research and together with our interdisciplinary development teams, doctors and therapists, we design modern care and therapy solutions to accompany patients throughout the healing and recovery process. We integrate software, hardware, data and clinical expertise to improve health outcomes for patients at lower costs: digital medical devices that help patients to better cope with their everyday life and manage their disease proactively. Because health of our users is vital, we regularly measure and analyze the medical effectiveness of our products in collaboration with internationally renowned researchers and institutes.

Reimagining Research


Our work is dedicated to unlocking the human voice as a prognostic and diagnostic marker for the detection of diseases. We believe that we can significantly improve our product and research outcomes by bringing research into everyday’s life: Healthcare and research once took place inside clinics and doctor’s offices. Today, it’s happening everywhere.

With The Human Voice Project, we are developing the infrastructure and solutions to bridge the gap between clinical research and care, aiming to make it easy and engaging for everyone to contribute to research and unlock the human voice to detect diseases. With researchers, clinicians, engineers, designers & volunteer we develop tools and technologies to make it faster and easier to participate in studies and collect high quality data in the real world. 

Join our mission

Our ambitious mission requires ambitious people. We are constantly looking for passionate digital health & longevity enthusiasts to join our multidisciplinary research and development teams:  data scientists, clinicians, software engineers, designers and product managers like you.

As a member of the Human Voice Project or EVOCAL’s Product Dev Team you contribute your uniqe skills to one of the most ambitious projects in digital health, transforming the way we scientifically understand the human voice, monitor health, diagnose diseases and therapy patients. 

Research on Voice Biomarkers is currently being pursued by pioneering scientists around the world. Here you will find a selection of scientific papers that have been published regarding disease detection based on the human voice and the increasing importance of digital health solutions in diagnostic, therapy and care.


Pioneering predicitve health with the power of Vocal Biomarkers and Artificial Intelligence

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